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The fully revised edition of the most comprehensive and up-to-date reference on print production A II graphic designers and illustrators must be familiar with the steps involved in preparing their work for publication. Now completely revised to reflect the latest technology and trends, A Guide to Graphic Print Production, Third Edition is the complete guide to the entire process of print production, from the early stages of conception and planning, to the technical stages of manufacturing and off-press processing. Structured around the graphic print production flow, essential material is included for all aspects of the process including coverage of computers, color management, layouts, digital images, image editing, prepress, paper, printing, finishing and binding, legal issues, environmental issues, and more. A practical reference to keep at your fingertips, this new edition: Covers the entire production process, from conception to manufacturing to archiving Covers new topics, such as variable data printing, sustainability, large/wide format printing, inks, and color management Is full color throughout, with updated images and screenshots Includes sidebars offering design tips, troubleshooting hints, and key points to consider for very stage of design Delivering information that reflects all aspects essential for understanding the ins and outs of digital printing, A Guide to Graphic Print Production, Third Edition is an ideal resource for students and professionals of graphic design, print production, production technology, and visual communication.

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